Sway Brace Pipe Attachment

Figure: 010


Designed for bracing pipe against sway and seismic disturbance. The pipe attachment component of a sway brace system used in conjunction with a PHD Manufacturing structural attachment fitting, and joined together with a bracing pipe element forms a complete sway brace assembly. Sway brace assemblies are intended to be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Material: Carbon steel

Finish: Electro-galvanized

Size: Pipe size 1” (25) thru 4” (100).

Install: Place over the pipe to be braced, adjust brace angle, and insert bracing pipe through opening leaving a minimum of 1” (25.4) extending from attachment. Brace pipe can be installed on top or bottom of pipe to be braced but must be a minimum of 6” (152.4) away from a pipe joint. Tighten nuts down evenly until hex heads break off.

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories listed for US and Canada and Factory Mutual approved. Listed for use with NFPA and PHD sway brace components only.

Ordering: Specify figure number, brace pipe size, and sprinkler pipe size.

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