Clevis With Secured Insulation Shield

Figure: 455 & 456


Designed for the suspension of stationary insulated pipe lines. Fig. 455 is a combination of our Fig. 160 shield welded to a Fig. 450 or Fig. 451 clevis hanger which ensures that the shield will be installed in conjunction with the hanger. The shield is furnished with flared ends to prevent it from cutting into the insulation.

Material: Carbon steel (Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel upon request)

Finish: Plain with pre-galvanized shield (Fig. 455) or electro-galvanized with pre-galvanized shield (Fig. 456)

Ordering: Specify figure number, size number, and material.

NOTE: To determine proper size, consult shield selection guide. Use of an upper locknut ensures proper performance.

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