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Washer For Fig. 580

Figure: 585


Designed to secure tie rods when used in conjunction with Fig. 580 two bolt underground pipe clamp.

Clevis With Secured Insulation Shield

Figure: 455 & 456


Designed for the suspension of stationary insulated pipe lines. Fig. 455 is a combination of our Fig. 160 shield welded to a Fig. 450 or Fig. 451 clevis hanger which ensures that the shield will be installed in conjunction with the hanger. The shield is furnished with flared ends to prevent it from cutting into the insulation.

Four Bolt Underground Pipe Clamp

Figure: 590


Designed for clamping the caulked joints of underground A.W.W.A. ductile iron water pipe lines to prevent separation of joints.

Long Pipe Roller

Figure: 495


Designed for supporting pipe in applications where horizontal movement, due to expansion and contraction, will occur.

Pipe Flange Support

Figure: 883


Designed to support 125 lb. cast iron and 150 lb. forged steel flanged connections. (Consult factory for other flanged bolt patterns). To complete floor stanchion, use fig. 871 threaded base stand. For complete floor stanchion with vertical adjustment, use fig. 877 pipe support adjuster and fig. 871 threaded base stand.

Pipe Saddle Support With U-Bolt

Figure: 882


Designed to support horizontal pipe running close to the floor. The U-bolt securely holds the pipe to the saddle.

Retaining Strap For Fig. 345, 350, & 360

Figure: 359


Designed for use with Fig. 345, Fig. 350, and Fig. 360 to offer more secure fastening of beam clamps to beam where seismic protection is provided.

Reversible Side Beam Angle Bracket

Figure: 925


Designed for attaching hanger rod to the side of beams or walls. Fig. 925 can accommodate either 3/8” or 1/2” rod.

Steel Eye Socket

Figure: 37


Designed for attaching hanger rod to wood structures. Secured with Fig. 45 lag screw or two Fig. 48 wood drive screws, see chart.

TRH Hanging System

Figure: TRH


Supports a pair of insulated flow and return refrigerant lines on 1/4” to 3/8” threaded rod. Simply fold the lock-tab over to secure the lines into the strap. The spring steel hanger grips the rod tightly, and the black zinc coating offers corrosion resistance while matching the insulation color. The clamp can be detached from the rod hanger and used to secure lines to flat surfaces.