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Two Bolt Underground Pipe Clamp

Figure: 580


Designed for clamping the caulked joints of underground A.W.W.A. ductile iron water pipes to prevent separation of joints.

Weldless Eye Nut

Figure: 35 & 35L


Designed for use in high strength and high temperature piping applications. Fig. 35L is designed to be used in conjunction with Fig. 960 forged steel turnbuckle, in applications where a vertical adjustment may be necessary. Right-Hand Threads (Fig. 35) or Left-Hand Threads (Fig. 35L).

Copper Tubing Band Hangers

Figure: 182


Designed for the suspension of non-insulated stationary copper tubing. When proper adjustment has been obtained, the hanger should be locked in place with an upper locknut.

Pipe Roller With Sockets

Figure: 490


Designed to support pipe in applications where horizontal movement, due to expansion and contraction, will occur.

Pipe Saddle Support

Figure: 880


Designed to support horizontal pipe running close to the floor. Normally used in conjunction with floor stanchions.

Plastic Pipe Support Trough

Figure: 450T


Designed for use with Fig. 450V as a support for plastic or other flexible pipe systems. Hangers should be placed as close to the trough joints as possible.

Retrofit Retaining Strap

Figure: 358


Designed for use with Fig. 345, Fig. 350, and Fig. 360 to offer more secure fastening of beam clamps to beam where seismic protection is provided.

Side Beam Angle Bracket

Figure: 920


Designed for use with wood, concrete, or steel beams to provide a means for supporting hanger rod. When used on steel beams Fig. 920 can be welded or bolted in place.

Steel Eye Socket

Figure: 36


Designed for attaching hanger rod to structures. Secured with listed fasteners.

Sway Brace Structural Adapter

Figure: 045


Sway brace adapter used to attach a PHD Manufacturing sway brace assembly to a steel structural member of 3/8” minimum and 11/4” maximum thickness. To provide a point of connection when drilling or welding is not allowed or not practical.  Sway brace assemblies are intended to be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.