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6-Hole Corner Connectors

Figure: 5615 - 5616


Adjustable Pipe Saddle Support

Figure: 875


Designed to support horizontal pipe. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 871 threaded base stand to provide vertical adjustment of the pipe.

Adjustable Swivel Ring Hanger With Secured Insulation Shield

Figure: 145 & 155


Designed for the suspension of insulated pipe lines. Fig 145 is a combination of our Fig. 160 shield welded to a Fig. 141 hanger & the Fig 155 is a combination of our Fig. 160 shield welded to a Fig. 151 hanger, which ensures that the shield will be installed in conjunction with the hanger. Fig. 145 & 155 allows vertical adjustment after installation and offers maximum protection from crushing of the insulation by the hanger.

C-Clamp Structural Attachment

Figure: 030


Designed for bracing pipe against sway and seismic disturbances.  Universal swivel design allows for attachment at any surface angle combined with concentric loading.  Structure attachment fitting designed to use 1” thru 2” SCH 40 pipe, structural steel, and PHD 12 gauge strut channel (1001 & 1201) as sway bracing elements.  No bracing member thicker than 3/8” can be used in conjunction with this product.  Utilize the Fig. 030 with a PHD Manufacturing pipe attachment fitting and a bracing element to form a complete sway brace assembly.  Sway brace assemblies are intended to be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Concrete Clevis Plate

Figure: 904


Designed for use as a structural attachment to a concrete ceiling. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 35 weldless eye nut or Fig. 55 welded eye rod.

Continuous Threaded Rod

Figure: 20 & 21


Useful in applications where stud lengths cannot be predetermined.