Pipe Guides & Slides

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Pipe Alignment Guides

Figure: 670 - 678


Designed for use with insulated or non-insulated pipe lines to direct the axial expansion and contraction of the pipe. The use of two or more guides on both sides of the expansion joint is recommended to avoid a pivoting effect. The first pipe guide should be placed a maximum of 4 pipe diameters from an expansion joint. Pipe guides are not designed to support any of the piping system’s weight therefore additional supports are required. The maximum operating temperature should not exceed 750°F (399° C).

Pipe Slide Assembly

Figure: 690


Designed to be welded directly to the pipe to support piping where horizontal movement resulting from expansion and contraction takes place and where a low coefficient of friction is desired.  Allows for 10” (254 mm) of travel with no lubrication required.