Behind the Making of PHD’S New Ad Promoting “Made in USA”

Jonathan Corvino and Deann Davis met with their ad agency to discuss their new ad campaign, which is designed to share several important facts about PHD. “We wanted distributors to know how we aim to be there for them for any job whether large or small – we’re their partner who understands their need to please their customers,” said Jonathan Corvino, National Sales Manager. PHD is a full-line domestic manufacturer with a distribution network and stocking facilities throughout the country, making for easy access to its products. “We’re proud of being able to say we’re MADE IN USA” and our employees and distributors are part of the PHD family,” added Deann Davis, Director of Human Resources. When asked what separates PHD from its competition, they both agreed that it’s relationships. “Our distributors know that no matter what happens, we’re dedicated to them. And we’re excited about the new innovative products we’re engineering,” added Corvino.

As a result, the ad shows two pipe hangers linked together, symbolizing PHD’s partnership with its customers. PHD’s motto, Pride Honesty &Dedication, is still as representative of the company today as it was in 1972 when the company was founded. The American Flag in the background represents the company living the American Dream – a manufacturer that continues to set and achieve even more goals as it looks to a very bright future.