The Business Journal Features PHD on Front Page

“PHD’s Growth ‘Hangs’ on Its Products”
Pipe hanging devices give Columbiana manufacturer its name
– by Jeremy Lydic-The Business Journal

Since he was 16 years old, Jonathon Corvino has been hands-on at PHD Manufacturing, Inc. where in 2003 he started on the shop floor by cleaning the stamping machines. Now a national sales manager, Corvino has watched the company grow and he doesn’t foresee that growth slowing in the years ahead.

The many pipe hangers and devices pressed and stamped in the PHD plant are what gave the company its name – 600 types in all, each varying size and purpose and that total 3,000 individual parts. Wall brackets, pipe supports, struts, straps and clamps, guides and slides make up the PHD catalogue of products it manufactures for the plumbing mechanical and electrical industries. Some 85% of PHD’s product line is turned out at its shop in Columbiana, the rest purchased and repackaged, Corvino says.

PHD was founded in 1972 by a group of industry veterans. Corvino’s father, Joseph, president of the company, and Anthony A. Kopatich, CEO, continue to lay the foundation for future growth. PHD Business Journal Article