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Welded Beam Attachments

Figure: 900 & 900-1


Designed for attaching hanger rod to the bottom flange of a beam. If installed in the inverted position, the hanger rod can be vertically adjusted, otherwise bolt and nut are required.

Welding Lugs

Figure: 935 & 936


Designed to be welded to the underside of structural members to provide a means of supporting rod attachments. Used in conjunction with Fig. 38 forged steel clevis.

Weldless Eye Nut

Figure: 35 & 35L


Designed for use in high strength and high temperature piping applications. Fig. 35L is designed to be used in conjunction with Fig. 960 forged steel turnbuckle, in applications where a vertical adjustment may be necessary.

Wood Drive Screw

Figure: 48


Designed for use as a fastening device to wood structures.

Wrap-Around Channel Brackets (Slot Up)

Figure: 6222, 6224, 6246, & 6248


Z Beam Clamp

Figure: 7030


Z Supports

Figure: 5550 - 5558