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Coach Screw Rod

Figure: 40


Designed for use as a vertical hanger attachment to wood structures.

Domestic Wide Mouth Beam Clamp

Figure: 363 & 364


Designed for attaching hanger rod to the top flange of a beam or bar joist, where the flange thickness does not exceed 11/4” (31.75mm). The open U design permits rod adjustment.


Figure: 970, 970F, & 973


Designed for the suspension of stationary piping systems. The “T” slot in the hanger permits the side bolt to be installed after installation and setting of pipe. The side hole permits optional wall mounting. Fig. 970F has a layer of felt which helps to reduce vibration and sound.

Two Hole Strap

Figure: 825 & 826


Designed to hold pipe/conduit (Fig. 825) or copper tubing (Fig. 826) flush with mounting surface for light duty applications.

Welding Lugs

Figure: 935 & 936


Designed to be welded to the underside of structural members to provide a means of supporting rod attachments. Used in conjunction with Fig. 38 forged steel clevis. Long Welding Lug (Fig. 935) or Short Welding Lug (Fig. 936)

Ceiling Flanges

Figure: 940, 941, & 942


Designed to provide a means for attaching hanger rod to wood beams or ceilings.

Hex Head Bolt

Figure: 41


Designed for use as a fastening device.

Pipe Roller Selection Guide

Figure: 460, 470, 475, 480, 480D, 485, 486, 487, 488, 490,, 495, & 496


Designed to serve as a guide for determining the proper pipe roller support size for standard pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses.

Short Pipe Strap

Figure: 830


Designed to hold pipe flush with mounting surface.

Lag Screw

Figure: 45


Designed for use as a fastening device to wood structures.