Threaded Accessories

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Figure: 70


Designed to be embedded in concrete to provide a means for fastening devices from concrete surfaces.

Coach Screw Rod

Figure: 40


Designed for use as a vertical hanger attachment to wood structures.

Concrete Anchors

Figure: 47D, 47S, & 47W


47D – Designed to function as a drill, drilling its own hole and as an anchor. The tapered chuck end of the anchor is attached to an air hammer, then after drilling is complete, the tapered end snaps off leaving the anchor flush with the wall. Useful when
a large number of anchors are to be installed.

47S – Designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole and set into place by means of a setting tool.

47W – Designed to be driven into a pre-drilled hole. The expansion of the case is controlled by the tightening of the nut, this eliminates the need for an exact hole size. Useful in applications where a high resistance to vibratory loads is desired.

Continuous Threaded Rod

Figure: 20 & 21


Useful in applications where stud lengths cannot be predetermined.

Extension Piece

Figure: 25


Designed for attaching hanger rod to various types of attachments. Allows a 1″ (25.4) vertical adjustment of the rod. Frequently used in conjunction with Fig. 630 malleable iron beam clamp.

Eye Rods

Figure: 50 - 55L


Designed for use in hanger assemblies. The welded design allows the eye to develop the full strength of the rod.

Eye Socket

Figure: 30


Designed for attaching hanger rod to various types of hanger attachments.

Flattened End Lag Screw (DISCONTINUED)

Figure: 43


Designed for attaching hangers to wood structures in light duty applications.

Forged Steel Clevis

Figure: 38 & 38L


Designed for use as a convenient method of connecting hanger rods to pipe lugs, angles, etc. As a structural attachment it is most commonly used in conjunction with Fig. 935 welding lug.

Hex Head Bolt

Figure: 41


Designed for use as a fastening device.