Miscellaneous Products

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Adjustable In-Rack Flue Hanger

Figure: 990


Designed to be fully adjustable to fit typical 8″, 10″, and 12″ flue spaces between common warehouse racking types such as teardrop.

Adjustable Q-Deck Insert

Figure: 885


Designed for installation in metal concrete deck forms to provide a means to support piping and equipment.

Ceiling Flanges

Figure: 940, 941, & 942


Designed to provide a means for attaching hanger rod to wood beams or ceilings.

Concrete Clevis Plate

Figure: 904


Designed for use as a structural attachment to a concrete ceiling. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 35 weldless eye nut or Fig. 55 welded eye rod.

Concrete Inserts & Nuts

Figure: 950, 951, 950N, & 951N


Designed to be embedded in concrete to provide a means of suspending pipe from ceilings. The insert is held in place by nailing it to the forms, until the concrete is poured. The insert comes with a snap-out plug to keep the inner housing clean during pouring of the concrete. After the concrete has set, the plug is removed, exposing the inner housing. The rod should be tightened until it touches the top of the insert, but should not be forced further to avoid damage to the insert.

Concrete Rod Attachment Plate

Figure: 903


Designed for attaching hanger rod to a concrete ceiling.

I.P.S. Felt Isolator & Copper Tubing Felt Isolator (DISCONTINUED)

Figure: 980 & 982


Designed to dampen sound vibration and prevent transmission of sound to the building structure. The felt is coated with a non-conducting binder to resist effects of moisture, abrasion and temperature and is chemically treated to repel vermin.


Figure: 970, 970F, & 973


Designed for the suspension of stationary piping systems. The “T” slot in the hanger permits the side bolt to be installed after installation and setting of pipe. The side hole permits optional wall mounting. Fig. 970F has a layer of felt which helps to reduce vibration and sound.

Reversible Angle Bracket

Figure: 910


Designed to support pipe at various distances from a wall or column.

Reversible Side Beam Angle Bracket

Figure: 925


Designed for attaching hanger rod to the side of beams or walls. Fig. 925 can accommodate either 3/or 1/2  inch rod.