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A.W.W.A. Clevis Hanger

Figure: 420


Designed for the suspension of stationary (A.W.W.A.) ductile iron and cast iron pipe.

Adjustable Q-Deck Insert

Figure: 885


Designed for installation in metal concrete deck forms to provide a means to support piping and equipment.

CPVC Two-Hole Pipe Strap

Figure: 070


Designed to support CPVC pipe horizontally from the side or bottom of beam.  Fig. 070 can only be used as a guide on top of beam or on vertical piping. Fig. 070 also acts as a restrainer to prevent the thrust of a sprinkler head during activation when mounted on top of structure.  Fig. 070 may be installed onto wood using supplied fasteners or into, minimum 20 gauge, steel using two 1/4” X 1” tek type screws (not included).  Features flared edges to protect piping as it slides through the installed fitting and retaining dimples to allow for easy installation onto pipe.

Hinged Extension Split Clamp

Figure: 508R


Designed for non-insulated stationary pipe lines in either a horizontal or vertical position. The hinged design allows for a quick installation.

Light Duty Wall Bracket

Figure: 850


Designed to suspend hanger rod for support of light loads under 750 lbs. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 850C wall bracket clip.

Pipe Alignment Guides

Figure: 670 - 678


Designed for use with insulated or non-insulated pipe lines to direct the axial expansion and contraction of the pipe. The use of two or more guides on both sides of the expansion joint is recommended to avoid a pivoting effect. The first pipe guide should be placed a maximum of 4 pipe diameters from an expansion joint. Pipe guides are not designed to support any of the piping system’s weight therefore additional supports are required. The maximum operating temperature should not exceed 750°F (399° C).

Pipe Roller Chair

Figure: 460


Designed for supporting pipe in applications where horizontal movement, due to expansion and contraction, will occur but vertical adjustment is not necessary. The chair can be welded directly to the steel structure or secured in place through bolt holes.

Pipe Saddle Support With Coupling

Figure: 870


Designed to support horizontal pipe from floor stanchions. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 871 threaded base stand.

Self Centering Insulation Shield

Figure: 160


Designed to provide maximum protection to the insulation. The centering ribs are spaced to center the hanger on the shield, providing equal load distribution. The shield is furnished with flared ends to prevent it from cutting into the insulation.

Standard Duty Center Load Beam Clamp

Figure: 610


Designed to be used in the suspension of a hanger rod from the center of an I-beam. The clamp’s design allows the load to be distributed equally on either side of the beam. Normally used in conjunction with Fig. 50 eye rod, Fig. 55 welded eye rod, or Fig. 35 weldless eye nut.