Threaded Accessories

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Coach Screw Rod

Figure: 40


Designed for use as a vertical hanger attachment to wood structures.

Concrete Anchors

Figure: 47D, 47S, & 47W


47D – Designed to function as a drill, drilling its own hole and as an anchor. The tapered chuck end of the anchor is attached to an air hammer, then after drilling is complete, the tapered end snaps off leaving the anchor flush with the wall. Useful when
a large number of anchors are to be installed.

47S – Designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole and set into place by means of a setting tool.

47W – Designed to be driven into a pre-drilled hole. The expansion of the case is controlled by the tightening of the nut, this eliminates the need for an exact hole size. Useful in applications where a high resistance to vibratory loads is desired.

Eye Rods

Figure: 50 - 55L


Designed for use in hanger assemblies. The welded design allows the eye to develop the full strength of the rod.

Flat Washer

Figure: 130


Designed to provide a greater bearing surface diameter.

Hex Nuts

Figure: 110 & 110H


Designed for use as a fastening device.


Figure: 60


Designed to provide a means of supporting pipe from the top flange of a beam. Useful in applications where headroom is limited.

Lag Screw

Figure: 45


Designed for use as a fastening device to wood structures.

Light Duty U-Bolt

Figure: 95


Designed for use as a support, anchor, or guide for various types of pipe in light duty applications.

Rod Couplings

Figure: 100, 104, & 105


Designed to provide a means of connecting two lengths of rod with equal diameters (Fig. 100 & 104) or different diameters (Fig. 105).

Rod Swivel Attachment

Figure: 020


May be used as a branch line restraint for structural attachment. May be used in a pitched or sloped roof application, to meet requirement of NFPA 13, or may be used as an upper attachment with short hanger rod to omit seismic bracing.