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I.P. Pipe Clamps

Figure: 2001 - 2016


Load Data

Figure: Strut Nut


Squeeze Nut

Figure: 3404 - 3408


Strut Nut With Spring

Figure: 3101 - 3111


Strut Nut Without Spring

Figure: 3001 - 3011


CPVC Two-Hole Pipe Strap

Figure: 070


Designed to support CPVC pipe horizontally from the side or bottom of beam.  Fig. 070 can only be used as a guide on top of beam or on vertical piping. Fig. 070 also acts as a restrainer to prevent the thrust of a sprinkler head during activation when mounted on top of structure.  Fig. 070 may be installed onto wood using supplied fasteners or into, minimum 20 gauge, steel using two 1/4” X 1” tek type screws (not included).  Features flared edges to protect piping as it slides through the installed fitting and retaining dimples to allow for easy installation onto pipe.

Hinged Extension Split Clamp

Figure: 508R


Designed for non-insulated stationary pipe lines in either a horizontal or vertical position. The hinged design allows for a quick installation.